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Why invest in sportsurewin?

Why invest in Sportsurewin?

Over the years business opportunites on the internet have flourished to a large extent.Many of those have high claims in terms of profit and revenues,but at the end only a few works out.Most of them are rather scams.We all have experienced such business and maybe have given up the idea of a secure and profitable online business.This is where sportsurewin come in as we allow a real online opportunity where we make your investment work for you.

Earning a realistic income online through sports arbitrage trading is quite a difficult thing.
For a successful trading one needs:

1)A large betting capital $5000.
2)Picking the right sports arbitrage.
3)Upto 10-15 bookmakers accounts.
4)Work with credible bookmakers.
5)To operate various e-wallet accounts.
6)To move right amount of funds from bookmakers to e-wallet and viceversa.
7)To limit betting to a fixed amount at various bookmakers to avoid suspicion of arbitrage.
8)To act fast as odds are volatile.
9)To have sufficient funds ready for backup.
10)To use real time and credible arbitrage alert services.(membership upto $200)
11)To have at least 8-10hours per day for Sports arbitrage trading

Fullfilling all this criteria leaves ones with a very minimum scope to make a profit from sports arbitrage trading.


Sportsurewin is specialised in Sports Arbitrage launched by Mr John Steven Denton from Panama who has been in Sports Arbitrage trading for a few years and have managed to make considerable income.I have now extended my experience with people to work hand in hand and to make consistent profits.Sportsurewin provides a golden opportunity for those people who want to secure an online income by investing in Sports Arbitrage Trading.

As we are aware,one needs a considerable amount of time and funds in order to earn from sports arbitrage trading.

There are over 400 sports arbitrages opportunties per day and one has to pick the right one and bet massively at credible bookmakers to sustain a profit as arbitrages vary from 1-5% on an event.
Sportsurewin taps the best arbitrage opportunities and generate a risk free income.We would like to welcome small investors in this field to partner with us so that we can create a large pool for sports arbitrage trading.Our daily arbitrage trading profit will be paid to our investors.

As on today 19/04/2011 we are relaunching sportsurewin with a capital of $12300 and expect to gradually increase this capital.

We welcome investors from all over the world to partner with us and generate profits from risk free sports arbitrage trading.

Investing in Sportsurebets is safe and investors can claim their capital anytime.

Sportsurewin investment club

What is arbitrage?
Arbitrage is using the difference in markets in such a way that a risk-free profit can be guaranteed whatever the outcome of an event.

What is Sports Betting Arbitrage?
In Sports Betting Arbitrage we are taking advantage of bookmakers differing opinions about the outcome of a sporting event to ensure a certain profit.
In the financial markets this may involve buying a commodity or financial instrument in one market and simultaneously selling the same commodity or financial instrument at a higher price on a different market to ensure a risk-free profit.

How do we profit from Sports Betting Arbitrage?
In Sports Betting Arbitrage we are profiting from bookmakers having different opinions about the outcome of a sporting event. Sports Betting Arbitrage bets win regardless of the outcome of the event without the need for any expert knowledge of sports or sports betting.

The theory behind sports arbitrage betting is relatively easy. Every bookmaker up and down the country, either on the web or in the high street, sets odds on the many different events in the sporting calendar.
These odds are essentially based on opinion, and these opinions change from bookie to bookie. An arbitrage opportunity exists when the difference of opinion is large enough to guarantee a profit whatever the result.

Lets look at the following tennis arbitrage opportunity:

Tennis – ECM Prague Open 2nd Round

The following odds are being offered by www.pinnaclesports.com on who would win this 2nd round ladies match:

Camille Pin 2.44
Yvonne Meusburger 1.65

However, after looking around to see what odds all the other bookmakers were offering we found that we could get better odds on Meusburger to win from www.betway.com.

The Pinnacle odds were the best we could find for Pin and the Betway odds were the best we could find for Meusburger.

Camille Pin 2.44 (www.pinnaclesports.com)
Yvonne Meusburger 1.85 (www.betway.com)

If we key these odds into the arbitrage calculator and set the total stake for £1000 the calculator then tells us the correct stake for each bet.

Camille Pin 2.44 $431.24
Yvonne Meusburger 1.85 $568.76

Using these odds we make a guaranteed 5.2% return whatever the result.

If Camille Pin wins we make $52.21

$431.24 x 2.44 = $1052.21

($1052.21 - $1000 total stake) = $52.21

And if Yvonne Meusburger wins we make $52.21

$568.76 x 1.85 = $1052.21

($1052.21 - $1000 total stake) = $52.21

These betting opportunities are there for the taking each and every day.

Sportsurewin investment club

We have been around since 2009 and have made our partners proud by culminating a consistent profit.

Sportsurewin investment club wishes to inform all partners that we are back in business and investments are welcome.